Triplex villa

Triplex luxury and new villa designed and executed in a land with 2799 m2 area.

The overall area and substructure of the building is 1111 m2.

This villa which designed in three storey has 5 bedrooms with complete facilities.

It considered 5 bathrooms and 2 restrooms for the guests in this villa.

The luxury triplex and modern villa’s map designed as free and open form

Triplex luxury and new villa

All of the public spaces are related to each other in this designing.

Using the large and wall to wall windows in this villa caused that all the spaces have enogh and enough and suitable light during the day.

There’s a large swimmingpool with complete welfare amenities infront of the villa.

It considered a covered bar and sitting space around the pool.

One of the main properties of the villa is combining the outer and inner space to each other.

Triplex luxury and new villa

Using large terraces and green space in the inner design of this villa makes it’s beauty more.

The bedrooms designed in this floor with complete facilities.

Each room has it’s own dressingroom and master space.

The rooms also have private terraces and eye-catching view.

The luxury triplex villas map in addition to an elegant inner design it also has an eye-catching façade, too.

This villa designed and executed equipped with welfare amenities.


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