executive plan

Modern and luxury villa executive plan in land with 2150 m2

The design is in a way to use the beautiful views of the town.

The main access to the modern and luxury villa is by a large entrance veranda.

In the center part of the main access is an open patio which is an architectural character of this villa.

Modern and luxury villa executive plan

The main role in this villa is water which use it as a leader to enter it.

The residents lead to the official hall which apart from the diningroom in modern and luxury villa’s executive plan.

There’s a pool and open space with green visions at the end part.

The stairs lead the residents to the upper floor.

There are 6 bedrooms, dressingroom and private bathroom in the first floor.

The basement designed as a multipurpose space and a place for services

Modern and luxury villa executive plan

It considered a room which exposed to the and a jaccuzzi in the terrace for modern and luxury executive plan.

Villa’s elevation made from woods, marble and metal windows which is very glorious.

This elevation makes a light effects which is very luxurious and prevents the sunlight’s glowing directly.


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