Special apartment

  • The design of the special apartment is implemented on a land with a width of 55.90 meters.

  • The special apartment was designed on a land with an area of ​​3965 square meters, which this building covers 1580 square meters of this area.

  • The infrastructure of this 17 floor building is 24340 square meters.

  • The south and west sides of this residential apartment face the street.

  • This 17 floor apartment is designed as a 96-unit building.

Basement floors

  • In the special apartment design basement includes two floors.

  • On these floors, parking is designed with a parking space of 160 cars.

Ground Floor

  • In the design of the special apartment, the ground floor includes the lobby, rest area and waiting area.

  • In the lobby, there is a space for security and information.

  • There are four staircases and four elevators to access the upper floors of this apartment.

  • Two staircases have access to the basement and parking and the other two staircases have access to the upper floors and residential floors.

First to ninth floors

  • There are eight units on each floor from the first to the ninth floors of the special apartment design, for each which of four unit there are one stairway and two elevators.

  • In these floors, four two-bedroom units and four three-bedroom units are designed.

  • Large and separate balconies are provided in all units.

  • All units have direct and adequate lighting.

  • The first to ninth floors of this building are designed as a brigade.

Tenth floor

  • On the tenth floor of the special apartment design, two two-bedroom units have been removed and replaced by a large meeting hall and a play area.

Eleventh floor

  • In the special apartment design , the eleventh floor includes a large gym with all facilities.

  • A waiting area and a coffee shop are designed next to the gym.

  • In this floor, two two-bedroom units and four three-bedroom units are designed.

Twelfth floor

  • In the design of the twelfth floor plan of this residential apartment, a large swimming pool with all amenities has been considered.

  • There is a shower and relaxation area next to the pool.

  • In this floor, two two-bedroom units and four three-bedroom units are designed.

Thirteenth floor

  • There are six units in the design of the thirteenth floor, which is considered as the last residential floor.

  • Four larger units are designed as three bedrooms and two smaller units are designed as two bedrooms.

Roof top

  • The roof of this special apartment is covered and is designed with a large and very beautiful green space for family gatherings.

Special apartment
Special apartment


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2to4 Floors



Width of the Ground

10to12 meters

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