Three storeys apartment plan

executed apartment plan with 10 width

  • 3Floors

  • with 10

  • Concrete building



Three storeys apartment plan

Three storeys apartment plan designed and executed by “ArchitectLux” designing team.

This residential apartment designed in a land with 10m width and 22m length.

It considered a residential unit in each floor. The accessibility to this building is from a five meters alley.

The ground floor of this three storeys building designed as a parking and a pilot.

This floor is 90 cm higher than the ground level.

The ground floor

This pilot included the livingroom, sitting space and a kitchen.

This pilot has a way to the parking from one side and also has a way to the yard from other side.

The bedroom and livingroom have enough light from the yard.

The accessibility to the higher floor is done by a stair device and a lift.

The first and second floor

The first and second floor of the residential three storey apartment designed as a brigade.

It considered three bedrooms unit and considered a room for the quest.

The parents bedroom, child bedroom, restroom and bathroom stay on the private part of the building.

Each bedroom has the wall cupboard.

The livingroom and quest bedroom are in the more public space.

All the bedrooms and livingroom have the natural light.

The kitchen decoration designed as free form.

It has the diningroom with equipped dining table.

It considered scullery or dirty kitchen for the facility of the residents.

The residential apartment façade

This three storeys residential apartment façade’s plan designed as classic style.

It used the teravertine stone for the façade of this building which makes it very beautiful view.

Designing the cross and vertical boxes in this façade makes identity to it.

This residential apartment’s plan made by “ArchitectLux’s” team as a package.

It has site plan, storey decoration plan, axis plan, mwasuring plan, slope plan and framing plan.

There’s a cross and longitudinal section with three facades in this package.

Three storeys apartment plan
Three storeys apartment plan


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Additional information




2to4 Floors



Width of the Ground

10to12 meters

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