Simple villa

  • Simple villa plan has been designed and executed by the design team of Architectlux.

  • This plan is 14 meters wide and 25 meters long. The building is accessible from four sides, the main entrance of the building is from the south.

  • This villa has 4 bedrooms and all of these bedrooms have enough natural light and direct access to the outside space.

Simple villa analysis

  • Simple villa plan is designed as a single unit with a gabled roof and has four bedrooms.

  • All bedrooms in this villa, while having natural and sufficient light,They also have direct access to outdoor space.

  • The kitchen of this villa is open and also has a fryer.

  • The building seat is designed with a height of 3 steps (54 cm).

  • The yard is considered as a whole green space, which has created a very beautiful view.

Gabled roof:

  • In any building before the interior design shows off the architect art, it is its exterior facade that can attract or alienate the audience to itself.
  • One of the things that have a great impact on the facade and beauty of any project is its roof covering.
  • Nowadays the use of new materials has helped people to bring double beauty to their projects.


  • Many factors are involved in explaining the benefits of such coverings, which we will mention below
  • One of the concerns of Iranians living in cold and tropical or windy regions of the country is the issue of energy loss or roof damage due
  • to strong winds which, In this regard, new technology has come to the aid of the consumer and pebble tiles have been developed to solve this problem.

gable roof advantages

Some of the advantages of this simple villa:

  •  beauty color variety, high quality and durability
  •  Light weight and earthquake resistant
  •  Resistant to strong winds and hail
  •  Fire resistant due to the use of non-combustible materials
  •  Prevents sticking dust due to the acrylic surface coating.

This simple villa, which has been prepared as a package by the design team of the Architectlux, has a site plan, floor furniture plan, measurement plan and executive details. There are two shears, along with four facades in package of simple villa.

Simple villa
Simple Villa


  • You can make a better decision by looking at this sample of works as well as other examples such as a simple villa plan.

  • So it can help you to choose plans, residential and commercial designs

  • ArchitectLux” design team is ready to accept your design orders and also you can consult with them freely

  • The presented sample works is a guarantee to show that website ArchitectLux design team is professional enough

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