Plan on the slope

  • Plan on the slope was designed and executed by the Architectlux design team.

  • This building on the slope is designed and built on a land with an area of ​​1080 square meters.

  • This 5 floor apartment has a width of 27.20 meters and has 2848 square meters of infrastructure.

  • The location of this 18 unit plan is north.

  • This 5 floor building is designed as a concrete structure.

Ground Floor

  • This plan on the slope so that the difference in height code from one side to the other side of the ground is 4.5 meters.

  • The ground floor of this residential building is dedicated to parking and storage.

  • The parking of this building on the slope has parking space for five cars. Also, 10 warehouses have been designed on this floor.

First floor

  • In this plan on the slope , the first floor is dedicated to parking and storage.

  • The parking of this floor of the building on the slope has a parking space for 12 cars. Also, 8 warehouses have been designed in this floor.

  • Access to the upper floors is via a three-way stairway and two elevators.

Second to fourth floors

  • The second to fourth floors of this plan on the slope are designed as a type and there are six two-bedroom units on each floor.

  • Each unit has a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and toilet.

  • In this building on the slope, each unit has a rectangular reception hall that has adequate lighting.

  • In all units, the kitchen is designed in an L-shape and open.

  • The kitchen is in a good position of the house, which has created a good circulation.

Plan on the slope
Plan on the slope


  • You can make better decision by observing this sample works and also other samples

  • So it can help you to choose plans, residential and commercial designs

  • ArchitectLux” design team is ready to accept your design orders and also you can consult with them freely

  • The presented sample works is a guarantee to show that website ArchitectLux design team is professional enough.

  • Plan on the slope , which has been prepared as a package by the design team of ArchitectLux,

  • has a site plan, floor furniture plan, axis plan, slope plan, Arrow plan and measurement plan.

  • Also, two sections and two facade are included in this package.

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