One storey residential building map

Residental executive plan with 11 width

  • 1 Floors

  • with 11

  • masonry building

  • masonry building



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One storey residential building map

One storey residential building map designed and executed with the “ArchitectLux” company’s designing team

One storey residential map designed in a land with 250 m2 area

The intended plaque stay on a place which surrounded with residential plaques from three sides and just from a 10 meters alley is access able

Plan analysis One storey residential building map

The ground floor of One storey residential building with 11 width designed as two bedrooms

Both bedrooms stay on the private part of the house

All the bedrooms in this villa are large and equipped with wall cupboards

One of the bedrooms considered as a master room. (has the restroom and bathroom)

All of the bedrooms considered as a master room. (has the restroom and bathroom)

It designed a skylight for the rooms to provide their light because the sunlight doesn’t come to them enough

This house’s bathroom equipped with the bathtub. A decorated livingroom is beside the entry door

There’s a large and rectangle shape kitchen behind the livingroom which is considered as an open form

The livingroom in One storey residential building included two parts and one part of it separated from other part with a little height difference and has stairs

The upper part of the reception hall designed as a circle form which makes it modern and luxury

The storey related to the yard by the semi-circle stairs

It designed a little terrace in the upper part of the house which equipped with a small circle table and several chairs

This space is a place for the family gatherings in a beautiful spring afternoon

The yard and green space

This house’s yard designed with very elegant green spaces

This beautiful design causes the refreshing and greenery of the yard space

The outer space of the building divided into two difference levels parts which related to each other with several stairs

The lower part of the yard assigned to the house parking

The upper part is bigger than the lower part and related to the building

It used the gray ceramic floor in the yard

This executive residential plan with 11 width has done as a package with. The “ArchitectLux’s” team

It has site plan, storey decorated plan, foundation plan, axing plan, measuring plan, slope plan, framing plan, computing the relative wall plan and installation plan

There’s a cross and longitudinal section with two facades in this package

One storey residential building map
One storey residential building map


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One Floor



Width of the Ground

10to12 meters

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