Modern building

  • Modern building plan is designed and built on a land with an area of ​​1300 square meters. The infrastructure of the building is 744 square meters.

  • This villa  has 4 private bedrooms and 4 bathrooms that are distributed on three floors.

  • The modern facade of the building is designed to the north, which is made of black and white stones to create an attractive view.

  • The total area of ​​the terraces designed in this villa is 283 square meters


  • In the basement of this modern building plan, a bedroom has been designed with a living room, kitchen, bar space, utility room, etc.

  • All these spaces have natural light, which is one of the features of this villa.

  • The bedroom is very large and masterfully designed.

  • The kitchen on this floor is open and island.

Ground floor plan

  • On the ground floor plan of this Three floor villa , kitchen, dining room, living space, parking and terraces are designed.

  • There is a swimming pool on this floor and next to it a living space has been designed for family gatherings.

  • All spaces on this floor are open.

  • Parking on this floor has the capacity to park two cars.

First floor plan

  • First floor plan of the modern building is designed with two bedrooms on one side and one bedroom on the other.

  • All rooms are large and masterfully designed and the rooms have a private dressing room.

  • The bathrooms of these bedrooms have beautiful green space and terraces.

Modern building
Modern building


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