Fantasy palace plan

  • Fantasy palace plan has been designed and executed on a 2348 square meter land.

  • The building of this residential villa covers about 650 square meters of the total area of ​​this land.

  • Fantasy palace design has an area of ​​1245 square meters.

  • The width of this 5 bedroom villa is 53.5 meters.

  • The location of this two floor villa is south and access to the building is possible from directions: south and east.

  • The facade of this villa is classic and it is made of stone.

Ground Floor

  • In this fantasy palace plan, the entrance space has a guest living room and access to the terrace from two sides.

  • After passing through the circular corridor, we reach a private study room with a big and luxurious library.

  • In the fantasy palace design , in front of the stairs, there is a bathroom and a warehouse.

  • The beautiful staircase of this building, which is semicircular, has direct access to the entrance terrace and has a counter for drinking with a great view.

  • The other entrance to this fantasy palace is from the east, which has a public living area and a shoe rack.

  • On this floor of the classic building, the kitchen is to the right of the entrance area, which has direct access to the dining hall.

  • In this fantasy palace plan, in front of the dining room, there is a master bedroom with closet for the guests.

  • In this the fantasy palace design , a big bathroom is also at the end of the corridor.

  • In front of the eastern entrance space, there is a reception and living room and a TV space, part of which has a traditional living space with a circular design.

First floor

  • In this the fantasy palace plan , by passing the semicircular stairs, we reach the first floor, which is in the form of a duplex and has a big voide with a great view.

  • In part of it, there is a chess table and a space for entertainment.

  • Four very big master bedrooms with closets and a living room are included in the design of the fantasy palace.

  • In this fantasy palace plan, two of the bedrooms have a private circular terrace.

  • One of the bedrooms has a circular bed which is installed in a circular space and has given it a special beauty.

  • The biggest bedroom on this floor is considered the parents’ bedroom.

  • On this floor, there is a small private reading room with a library, which can also be used as a workroom.

Fantasy palace plan
Fantasy palace plan


  • Villas are beautiful houses that are open on all four sides and are not limited to other buildings. In addition, they have a good view.

  • Villas are usually built around the cities and climates of the country and are often used for recreation.

  • Of course, villas are not built in these areas alone; Even some villas are built to order by the employer in urban areas.

  • Among the projects designed by architects, the most creativity is used in the design of villas

  • Because when designing a villa, the plan of the villa, unlike urban buildings, the designer is freer and can use more of his taste and creativity.

  • As a result, the designs made by villa designers in the field of villas have a great variety of art, beauty, elegance and precision.

  • Fantasy palace plan has been prepared as a package by the design team of the architectlux.

  • Site plan, floor furniture plan, measurement plan and executive details. There are two cuts, along with two views in this package.

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