Executive villa

  • This executive villa has been designed and executed by the design team of the Architectlux.

  • This executive building has an infrastructure of 454 square meters.

  • In the facade of this building, travertine has been used as the main material.

  • This executive villa is designed as a duplex on two floors.

  • The width of this villa is 12 meters and 3 bedrooms have been considered for this project.

Ground Floor

  • The ground floor of this executive villa includes a kitchen, dining area, living room, swimming pool and toilet.

  • In this executive building , access from the ground floor to the upper floor is provided by a semicircular stair device.

  • In this villa the kitchen decoration is open and has a unique view of the living room.

  • There is a dining area next to the kitchen, which allows the housewife to easily receive family members and guests.

first floor

  • The first floor of this executive villa has a private living room and three bedrooms.

  • In this executive building , all the rooms have a wall cupboard and also one of the bedrooms is considered as a master.

Executive Villa
Executive Villa


  • Villas are beautiful houses that are open on all four sides and are not limited to other buildings. In addition, they have a good view.

  • Villas are usually built around the cities and climates of the country and are often used for recreation.

  • Of course, villas are not built in these areas alone; Even some villas are built to order by the employer in urban areas.

  • Among the projects designed by architects, the most creativity is used in the design of villas

  • Because when designing a villa, the plan of the villa, unlike urban buildings, the designer is freer and can use more of his taste and creativity.

  • As a result, the designs made by villa designers in the field of villas have a great variety of art, beauty, elegance and precision.

  • Executive villa has been prepared as a package by the design team of the architectlux.

  • Site plan, floor furniture plan, measurement plan and executive details. There are two cuts, along with four views in this package.

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