Duplex executive residential plan

Residential house map with 12 with

  • 1 Floors

  • with 10

  • concrete structure

  • Location North




Duplex executive residential plan

Duplex executive residential plan designed and executed by “ArchitectLux” designing team

Residential house map with 12 width designed in a land with 300 m2

This project plan has the access situation from north side and surrounded with other licenses plates from three other sides

The structure of this bulding is masonry

Masonry structure needs suitable relative walls in two sides of width and length which considered in this building in a good way

It designed a parking as a pilot in the ground floor

The parking has the capacity of one car

The dwelling unit stay on the ground floor which stay on one meter and forty four centimeters elevation code

In duplex executive residential plan we reach to the dwelling unit by rising eight stairs

The duplex executive residential plan designed for four bedrooms

The building designed in a way that the gate opens in the atrium

The bedrooms are large and have wall cupboard. They have amazing lighting

Ground floor plan analysis

The kitchen stay on the northwest part of the plan and getting light by ceiling skylights

It considered a space as a dirty kitchen beside the main kitchen

There’s an open part in the kitchen between the livingroom and kitchen to make a private part for the spaces

Having the private parts in necessary for each house, considered in this building, too

It designed sitting duplex in front of the house in the excutive residential plan and decorated with a seven sofa

Because of the building’s little spatial volume, designed with one livingroom which used as a common and semi-common place

The livingroom received a suitable light from the allover window which faced to the yard and makes a pleasant view

It considered a master bedroom as a duplex form in designing the residential house

This bedroom has a space for master, dressing room and terrace

This executive plan performed by “ArchitectLux” team as a package

It consist of site plan, storey decoration plan, foundation plan, measuring plan, installation plan, slope plan, framing plan and calculating the relative wall

 There’s a cross section and a longitudinal section with a façade in this Duplex executive residential package

Duplex executive residential plan
Duplex executive residential plan


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One Floor



Width of the Ground

10to12 meters

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