Beautiful cottage

  • Beautiful cottage has been implemented on a land area of ​​220 square meters.

  • The infrastructure of this gable villa is about 365 square meters.

  • The beautiful cottage plan is designed as a duplex and 4 bedrooms.

  • The location of this duplex villa is south.

  • The width of this gable roof villa is 12.5 meters.

Ground floor

  • The ground floor of beautiful cottage plan includes living room, kitchen, dining area, terrace, parking and bathroom.

  • In the design of this gable villa, the kitchen has breakfast space.

  • The entrance on the south side of this beautiful cottage has access to parking and also next to the entrance space, a guest bathroom has been designed.

First floor

  • On the first floor of the beautiful cottage plan , there are 4 bedrooms.

  • 3 bedrooms have a balcony and one of them has a dressing room.

  • The bathroom of this floor is also designed in the corridor.

Beautiful cottage
Beautiful cottage


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