Luxury villa

The New and Modern Luxury villa’s map designed for two storey with a basement.

This villa designed and executed in a large garden.

Because of being in a good situation this villa could make a very beautiful view for the residents.

It considered a lobby in the ground floor of the luxury villa.

This lobby is the relation space between two floors of the villa.

There’s a large livinfroom with a free design faced to the garden in the ground floor.

New and Modern Luxury villa

There are spaces like kitchen, diningroom, playingroom and bedroom in this floor.

It designed a parking with the capacity for two outos in this villa.

There’s no emptiness in modern luxury villa map and used all spaces as well as possible.

The main property of this villa is using water and green space in it’s interior and exterior design.

The second floor of this villa’s accessibility is through a set of stairs which is in the lobby and a set of stairs in the outer space.

New and Modern Luxury villa

There are bedrooms with complete facilities in the second floor modern luxury villa’s map.

The bedrooms have equipped masters, private dressingrooms and large terraces.

This villa in addition to very elegant interior design has an eye-catching façade.

This modern villa designed and executed with complete welfare amenities.


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