three storey villa

Modern designing three storey villa’s plan designed and executed in a land with 900 m2

This three storey modern villa with unbelievable view of the sea has very elegant eye-catching.

25% of the intended land allocated to construction of villa.

The overall area of constructed villa is 225 m2.

Low construction density means that urbanization keeps it’s beauty.

Modern designing three storey villa

The basement of the modern designed three storeys villa’s map included the parking space and installation rooms.

The main parking of this villa considered in the basement. There’s a parking with the capacity for one car in the ground floor.

There’s no emptiness in this three storey villa all spaces as well as possible.

The main property of this villa is using water and green space in interior and exterior designing.

The designing of this villa considered in a free form in a way that by observing the private points it used the least blades and partitions in this building.

Modern designing three storey villa

One advantage of these kind of designing is changing the small spaces to the large and light ones.

In the ground floor of this plan the livingroom, dining space and kitchen stay on along each other.

It designed a swimmingpool with complete facilities infront of the villa.

The sitting spaces for family gatherings stay on beside the pool.

The second floor of this modern designing three storey villa’s plan included the bedrooms.

The bedrooms designed with complete facilities in this floor.

Each room has its own dressingroom and master space.

The bedrooms also have private terraces and eye-catching view.


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